Catboat Dell is for sale!


Dell on an Alabama lake.

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Dias Design Forum

It hasn’t been easy to find the right platform for a discussion of design and construction questions. To the few who signed up for the last attempt, sorry for the false start. It was hard to manage and didn’t see any activity.

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Schooner Actæon

In my novel, Shoal Hope a rum-runner sails a schooner named Actæon. It’s larger than this one, loosely based on McCoy’s Arethusa. Continue reading “Schooner Actæon”

Sparhawk’s new life

SparHawk has recently moved to Rhode Island.

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A 48′ Wheelhouse Schooner


This is a cartoon for a design that’s been long percolating. It all started with this sketch:

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Adopt a Harrier?


I recently received this plea:

My father was a ​sailor, a pretty good boat-builder, and generally loved messing about in boats. At some point he read in Wooden Boat about the Harrier, acquired the plans for it and started to build the boat in his basement. Unfortunately, he passed away in March at the age of 95, with a far-from complete Harrier partially planked in the lower level of his house in Western New York.

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40′ Waterline Schooner

The 32’Schooner Boat is as small as we could go with this type and have it retain any practicality. At 48′ LBP, this cartoon is of a larger craft. Considering that boats gain volume and therefore displacement by the cube root of their length this is a significantly larger, heavier boat. This does increase utility and seaworthiness. At the expense of cost and overall handiness.

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