Tommy Cod

I took this picture in Portugal in 1976. This boat was an inspiration for Tommy Cod. These boats were built entirely of the local resinous pine. Local boatbuilders crafted everything from little skiffs to 50′ Seiners on the riverbank.

Tommy Cod is a Dory/Skiff, a hybrid with a narrower bottom than a skiff. Wider than a banks dory. Rows easier than a broader skiff with greater initial stability than a dory.

Tommy Cod lauching 1

Tommy Cod carries a sprits’l rig. The Launching Day flag staff is Tommy Cod‘s tiller.

Tommy Cod Project


Published by Antonio Dias

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3 thoughts on “Tommy Cod

  1. Your dory skiff is somewhat skinnier than what I have seen as the traditional ones that have a wider stern relative to amidships. My guess is that you will want a tiller extension, certainly for solo sailing.

    Is the sprit boomed or not? Sometimes an issue to get a wide enough sheeting base in a narrow stern or double ended design.

    Photo shows that some trimming ballast forward might be useful if there are 3 aboard.


    1. Ben,

      Yes, Tommy Cod is narrower than traditional skiffs, that’s why I call it a dory skiff, somewhere between the two.

      A tiller extension would be useful for mortals, you’d steer by shifting your weight!

      I haven’t drawn a boom, but you’re right, it would help off the wind. I think a sprit-boom would be best, simple and easily rigged.

      I wouldn’t want to go too far with three aboard. I see Tommy Cod as more of a kid’s skiff, or as a tender for a small coastal cruising boat. She’d be good for single handing in protected water too.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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