Update on the Schooner Boat

The Schooner Boat project has been moving forward, slowly.

Allowing a design to form in its own time instead of pushing ahead in some frenzy of obsessive work makes for a better design, at least that’s how I see it. It also lets those little whispers – either warnings or leads – have enough time to surface without being overwhelmed by the weight of half-baked work pushed ahead even when there is nothing substantial driving the process.

We have too much of that in our lives, what I’ve called the weight of futility, sensing that something we do is worse than useless, but pushing on out of an inertia that is difficult to overcome. In a project like this one, where the only directive is to do the best work possible and to consider as many base assumptions as possible before continuing, it has been a great opportunity to practice this kind of meditative design process.

For more on this go to Boats for difficult times.





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