Plans for the Dayboat Robert Olson now available!

I’ve been working on a design to follow on and update Small. This boat is the result.

Check out the Project Page.

This design can be built over a range of water line lengths from 14′ – 6″ to sixteen feet. There is a choice of rigs: Gunter Cat, Gunter Sloop, Lug Sloop, and a Lug Yawl for the sixteen footer.

This is a hand-drawn design, lofting is required; but there are full-sized templates for the Stem, & Transom and Centerboard & Rudder.


Plans are available as .pdf downloads.

Three sheets of drawings, a Table of Offsets, and two sheets of full sized patterns – Stem & Transom and Centerboard & Rudder.

Cost is $300 USD plus $20 PayPal transfer fee.

Price includes permission to build one boat for your personal use.

To purchase contact me here:

Specify whether you want to download from Google Drive or Dropbox.



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