Harrier is an open expedition boat for camp cruising and daysailing and rowing. She was designed for Ben Fuller, curator at the Penobscot Marine Museum. We worked together very closely on this design. His brief was for a double-ender that would perform very well both under sail and under oars while providing a seaworthy platform … Continue reading Harrier


Beach Cruisers Beach Cruisers are more substantial than Dayboats. A Beach Cruiser is an open boat capable of handling some rough water. Intended for daysailing and longer coastal adventures. Harrier Harrier Project  

An Atlantic Packet

What would a sailing passenger vessel look like? One intended to make quick passages between New England and northern Europe. A craft that could keep a schedule and carry a dozen passengers and some light cargo. One that could survive and thrive on the North Atlantic year-round. A vessel that provides intercontinental communication without burning … Continue reading An Atlantic Packet

Beach Point 18

Woodwind shown after her stub fin keel was installed. The owner had wanted to experiment with a folding fan centerboard as used in lighter sailing canoes in the 1890’s. It proved problematic and we went back to my original intention for a short fin keel. The boat sits well on her trailer and launches easily. … Continue reading Beach Point 18

Design Bibliography

  American Yacht Review * Issue 109. September 2000 Truth is featured pp. 65-71 and mentioned on pages 4 and 10 * * * The Boatman * Issue #21 Jan./Feb. 1995 In the “Of Dreams and Designs” column I wrote about the Arthur H. Davies, Davies 18 and Phocena designs inspired by The Riddle of … Continue reading Design Bibliography