Design Bibliography

American Yacht Review

Issue 109. September 2000

Truth is featured pp. 65-71

and mentioned on pages 4 and 10

The Boatman

Issue #21 Jan./Feb. 1995

In the “Of Dreams and Designs” column

I wrote about the Arthur H. Davies, Davies 18 and Phocena

designs inspired by The Riddle of the Sands. pp. 78-83

Boat Design Quarterly

Issue #8

Beach Point 18 on the Cover

and pp. 5-7

Issue #13

Galena pages 11-13

Issue #17

17’ Touring Kayaks pages 8, 9

Maine Boats & Harbors

Issue # 60. July 2000

Harrier is featured in Art Paine’s article,

“Designs for the Maine Island Trail”, pp. 74,75

Issue # 78. January 2004

The Arey’s Pond Daysailer is featured in the

“Boats of the Year 2003” article on page 40.


January 2000

Truth was reviewed by Robert Perry on page 36

June 2000

Small was reviewed by Robert Perry on page 47

June 2001

Small is pictured on page 2

and featured in Brian Hancock’s “Boat Test” on page 47

June 2004

The Arey’s Pond Daysailer is reviewed

by Robert Perry on page 45.


April 2004

The Arey’s Pond Daysailer is featured in “The Arey’s Pond Fleet”

on pp. 6,7 of the Home Waters Section

Water Craft

Issue #2 March/April 1997

I wrote about the Brigadier and Commodore designs

in the “Grand Designs” column pp. 54, 55

Issue #6 Nov./Dec. 1997

I wrote about Marsh Hawk

in the “Grand Designs” column pp. 52, 53

Issue #9 May/June 1998

Dick Phillips began the “Build your own Boat” Series

on Marsh Hawk on pp. 48-52

Issue #10 July/Aug. 1998

Dick Phillips continues

the Marsh Hawk series pp. 45-48

Issue  #11 Sept./Oct. 1998

Dick Phillips continues

the Marsh Hawk series pp. 44-47

Issue #12 Nov./Dec. 1998

Marsh Hawk series pp. 48-51

Issue #13 Jan./Feb. 1999

Pete Greenfield reviewed

Designer & Client on page 31

Dick Phillips completes the “Build…” series

on Marsh Hawk on pp. 50-53

Judy Brickhill does a Sail trial

of Marsh Hawk on pp. 54-55

I write about the Schooner S. & S. Hammond

on pp. 56, 57,

and “A boat for the Gribble“ on pp. 58-59

in the “Grand Designs” column

Issue $ 21 May/June 2000

I wrote about Buck

in “Grand Designs,” pp. 56,57

Issue # 32 March/April 2002

BitterSweet is on the Cover,

and featured in Kathy Mansfield’s Sail Trial,

“Sailing Like a Witch.” pp. 11-15

Issue # 37 Jan./Feb. 2003

I wrote about the Arey’s Pond Daysailer

in “Grand Designs,” pp. 54,55

Issue # 46 July/Aug. 2004

“More Nimble than a Cat” Kathy Mansfield’s Sail Trial

of the Arey’s Pond Daysailer, Nimble on pp. 12-15

Issue # 128 March/April 2018

“Building a Harrier” Detlef Dücker

On building his Harrier, Falcone de Palú on pp. 41-46


Issue #124, May/June 1995

Pete Spectre mentions my inclusion

in Boat Design Quarterly # 8 of the Beach Point 18,

and in The Boatman #21 Jan./Feb. issue. Page 26, first and second column

Issue #127 Nov./Dec. 1995

I reviewed the book

Australian Wooden Boats pages 97- 99

Issue #128 Jan./Feb. 1996

Mike O’Brien awards my Orca Ten

an Honorable Mention

in the “Ideal Trainer Competition” coverage on page 82

Issue #132 Sept./Oct. 1996

Joel White reviewed Annabelle Two,

now BitterSweet, on pp. 92-94.

Issue #135 March/April 1997

Mike O’Brien includes a photo

of the Beach Point 18 in “Launchings…” page 97

Issue #140 Jan./Feb. 1998

Mike O’Brien included the 23’ Indian Header

in “Designs ‘97” page 79

Issue #141 March/April 1998

Pete Spectre mentions Bill Clements building Small,

Jenny Bennett’s design from Designer & Client on page 26

Issue # 149 July/August 1999

Small appears in “Launchings…” on page 99

Issue # 156 Sept./Oct. 2000

Tautog is illustrated on page 2

and featured on pp. 77-79

Issue # 186 Sept./Oct. 2005

Arey’s Pond Daysailer featured.


December 1999

Dennis Caprio reviewed Castle Hill on page 48

October 2000

Dennis Caprio reviewed Thermopylae on page 78


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