A Harrier for Venice

Detlef Dücker has chronicled the building of his Harrier, Falcone de Palu, Marsh Harrier in Italian, in the following article in Water Craft Magazine. Take a look, or better yet, get a copy and then see all the photos he's been kind enough to share with us on my design forum. The Harrier Project  


Pacific Northwest Harrier, Wilbur Larch

Andy McConkey has sent me some recent images of his Harrier, Wilbur Larch sailing in his home waters in the Pacific Northwest. Find more on the Harrier Project Page.          

Harrier Plans Available

I've redrawn Harrier, developing the lines by hand from the earlier CAD model. Similar to the Dayboat Robert Olson and the Gaff Yawl, Kathleen Gee, these plans are available as .pdf downloads. Details on the Harrier Project Page.    

Plans for the Dayboat Robert Olson now available!

I've been working on a design to follow on and update Small. This boat is the result. Check out the Project Page. This design can be built over a range of water line lengths from 14' - 6" to sixteen feet. There is a choice of rigs: Gunter Cat, Gunter Sloop, Lug Sloop, and a … Continue reading Plans for the Dayboat Robert Olson now available!

Kathleen Gee, Final Sail Plans

I've just completed the drawings for the Kathleen Gee Gaff yawl. This is the first illustration: There is also a Cutter Rig option shown here with a 6' - 6" Dinghy stowed on the housetop: For more take a look at the updated Project Page.    

Kathleen Gee, closing in!

Closing in on the final draft. The hull form is dialed in. Have the Center of Buoyancy and the Prismatic Coefficient where I want them. The interior has a bit more headroom and a larger house. The companion ladder is in two parts. I'd leave the upper section out and climb down, leaving the wrap-around … Continue reading Kathleen Gee, closing in!

Kathleen Gee, a new 24′ Tabloid Cruiser

A new Project: Kathleen Gee. There's also a Cutter Rigged version along with a detailed design commentary. Take a look at the updated Project Page.        

Katherine Ann, a 24′ Gaff Yawl

This design was first drawn in the early nineties. I've just received a commission to revise and complete the earlier cartoon for a boat to be built in Australia. The revised sail plan: And an illustration… This was the earlier version: No major changes. Just a subtle re-working. Next will come a similar pass with … Continue reading Katherine Ann, a 24′ Gaff Yawl

Teaser on the Robert Olson, 15′ Dayboat Project!

Closing in on the final drawings for the 15' Dayboat Robert Olson design. Like Small, this boat can be "dialed in" in a range of over-all lengths. This design can be built at either fifteen or sixteen feet. There will also be a few rigs available. This Sail Plan shows a sixteen foot Lugger and … Continue reading Teaser on the Robert Olson, 15′ Dayboat Project!

Reviewing Finding North by George Foy

Navigation is at the heart of everything we do on the water. I've been asked by his publishers to review George Michelsen Foy's new book: Is disaster… always envisioned geographically, is it always navigational in the deepest sense? Finding North, page 22 George Michelsen Foy asks this question early on in his extended ruminations in the … Continue reading Reviewing Finding North by George Foy

Meet Buster!

Buster is a twenty foot electric auxiliary Hampton Boat. There's some confusion about the name Hampton Boat. Sometimes it's spelled Hampden. Chappelle has it both ways. Here's the 17' "Hampden Boat in his Boatbuilding. Ask me why I fell in love with the traditional craft of New England? Here's (one) answer! Buster has roots in … Continue reading Meet Buster!

Dias Design Forum

Looking for a place to start a discussion of design and construction questions I've started this new site. It has the benefits of behind it. Easy to manage and straightforward to use. Every post, page, and project has a comment prompt. The How To section is where you can ask construction questions and find … Continue reading Dias Design Forum