Beach Point 18

Beach Point 18 Gaff Rigged Sail Plan

Beach Point 18

Beach Point 18

Beach Point 18

Woodwind shown after her stub fin keel was installed. The owner had wanted to experiment with a folding fan centerboard as used in lighter sailing canoes in the 1890’s. It proved problematic and we went back to my original intention for a short fin keel. The boat sits well on her trailer and launches easily. She draws just over 2′.

This design would also make a powerful open or half-decked boat either as a beach cruiser or daysailer.

Here is a sail plan for a proposed 22 foot weekender based on the Beach Point 18.

Beach Point 22 Sail Plan


Antonio Dias design footer

8 thoughts on “Beach Point 18

  1. This is one of the prettiest small canoe yawls I have ever seen (the 18 footer)> If I were not 6’2″ I would look on her as a wonderful choice for quiet daysails and modest coastal cruises in leisure time. Fabulous dreaming machine.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like her!

      WoodWind’s builder/owner is short and finds the boat spacious. I’m 6′-2″ and my wife’s tall also. We’ve slept aboard without any problem. There’s full sitting headroom below.

      As I’ve said, I would really prefer to see this boat drawn out longer. That would help with space and ease her lines.

  2. Do yo have study plans for the Beach Point 18 or 22?
    Is there space below for a “sardine” wood stove?


    1. I don’t. But the design was reviewed with illustrations of all the drawings in Boat Design Quarterly. You should be able to get a back copy from WoodenBoat.

      There is room in the 18 for a Sardine, the longer boat would also have space.

  3. Beutiful! Probably the loveliest eitheen footer I have ever seen. I have been looking longingly at William Garden’s “Eel”, but this looks like a more comfortable boat. Is it built in glued lap ply? That would be a plus. Great design.

  4. I would like to build a boat like the Rozinante .A small blue water boat with low aspect spars and moderate sail which would be in the vain of Ralph M.Munroe.Is there a design of Antionio Dias that could fit this discription.I live in Monterey Ca.Thank you chris hunt.

  5. I saw one of the first boats built to this design at the MASCF at least 10 years ago. I took many photos of it. It’s one of the most lovely canoe yawl designs I’ve ever seen.

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