The Schooner Boat, Coming Together

The Schooner Boat has grown a few inches longer and a little deeper. Most of the changes have been a refinement of the form. Proportions and shapes adjusted to unify the whole. Each part of a boat has to do different things. Early on it’s good to focus-in piece by piece. Looking at the midsection,Continue reading “The Schooner Boat, Coming Together”

Tommy Cod

I took this picture in Portugal in 1976. This boat was an inspiration for Tommy Cod. These boats were built entirely of the local resinous pine. Local boatbuilders crafted everything from little skiffs to 50′ Seiners on the riverbank. Tommy Cod is a Dory/Skiff, a hybrid with a narrower bottom than a skiff. Wider thanContinue reading “Tommy Cod”