Scenes at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory

April, 21, 2021, In checking links on updating this site I’ve discovered that The Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory website is down. I encourage you to check out what they are up to. The program, run by Brett Hart, hosts inner city youth, working under boatbuilding instructor, Victoria Guidi. It has been a privilege working withContinue reading “Scenes at the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory”

A Lateener for the Channel Islands

This is just a teaser for a project that’s beginning to come together, a 24′ lateener that will be sailed in the waters around Southern California’s Channel Islands.

Boats I’d Like to Design: Canoe Yawl

Photo of Rozinante Courtesy of One of the first designs I fell in love with was L. Francis Herresshoff’s Rozinante. There was one being built at the “Boat School” in Lubec in 1973. Reading L. Francis’ Compleat Cruiser fleshed out the story behind this wonderful craft. It’s fitting that coming to writing about designsContinue reading “Boats I’d Like to Design: Canoe Yawl”