Fortuitous Mashup?

One of the things I like best about this concept is that it removes the trappings of an adversarial relationship from between the designer & client. This should, and can be, a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship. It thrives on trust and openness between the parties involved. The crowd-sourcing process “negotiates” the development of that trust and channels our overtures of cooperation into the start of a vital relationship. I’m excited about what this can lead to! I hope you are as well.

Recent project, Re-“forming” the Newport Catboat Falcon

Mark Sutherland approached me this past Spring to see if we could recover the actual form of a Newport catboat with an interesting history. The 25′ Catboat Falcon was lost off Brenton Reef in a summer thunder-squall at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Two lives were lost, an older brother passing the bowsprit toContinue reading “Recent project, Re-“forming” the Newport Catboat Falcon”

Boats I’d Like to Design: Canoe Yawl

Photo of Rozinante Courtesy of One of the first designs I fell in love with was L. Francis Herresshoff’s Rozinante. There was one being built at the “Boat School” in Lubec in 1973. Reading L. Francis’ Compleat Cruiser fleshed out the story behind this wonderful craft. It’s fitting that coming to writing about designsContinue reading “Boats I’d Like to Design: Canoe Yawl”