The Little Cats: Harry, Fast Harry & Katrina


Winning the race at Saint Michael’s Maryland sometime in the mid-Nineties. Jeff Halpern was my crew: shifting ballast and tactician!

Harry is my personal boat. The ancestor to Small. Harry premiered the wide rail and the concept of combining a traditional interior with steam bent riveted frames in a glued-lap hull that were later used in Harrier.

Harry led to Katrina. Built for a couple in Pennsylvania.


Katrina Details

Lessons learned in these boats led to Fast Harry.

A hull built for a client to finish himself.

Fast Harry differs subtly from Harry. A bit more vee in the entry….






LBP    14′ – 0″

LWL    13′ – 9″

Beam    5′ – 0″

Draft    0′ – 6″/2′ – 5″

Sail Area

Main    100 sq. ft.

Jib           25 sq. ft.

Total     125 sq. ft






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