a Gaff Yawl, Katherine Ann

This sail plan and the model below, were done in the early nineties. The illustrations and “blueprint” sail-plan above are current. The design is currently being worked-up for a client. The lines and accommodations plans will be  posted as they are completed. Eventually, this design will be available as a stock plan.

Katherine Ann is a heavy displacement cruiser for two. There is standing headroom under the cabin trunk. A head forward. She can be rigged as a Gaff Yawl – as shown – or as a Gaff Cutter. The deck is flush with a footwell cockpit. The bulwarks are about 8″ deep. The roving bowsprit and boomkin can be retracted.

Katherine Ann is fit for coastal cruising and off-shore passages.


LBP             24′ – 3″

LWL           20′ – 0″

Beam           8′ – 1″

Draft            4′ – 6″

Disp.            9,000 lbs.




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