BitterSweet is an electric auxiliary cutter designed for coastal cruising and daysailing. Her owner/builder put years into the project and developed the electrical propulsion system himself. She carries banks of large capacity marine batteries around which the boat was designed. Along with a composite/lead/steel centerboard and a lead shoe they help provide ballast.

Even with a Gaff Cutter rig, this is the fastest mono-hull of her size I’ve sailed on. In her home waters on Cape Ann she leaves much larger boats in her wake!

Water Craft Magazine

I had the distinct good fortune to have this design reviewed by the late Joel White, E.B. White‘s son and one of the finest designers we’ve had. His review was in WoodenBoat Magazine, here is a .pdf of that article, Joel White Review


LBP              22′ – 8″

LWL             20′ – 9 1/4″

Beam            7′ – 6″

Draft          1′ – 6″/4′ – 6″

Sail Area:

Main            183 sq. ft.

Stays’l          82 sq. ft.

Jib                  63 sq. ft.

Total           298 sq. ft.

Plans for BitterSweet are available for purchase. This includes the rights to build one boat for your own use. Plans are $900.00 plus shipping & handling.

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