Small is a Dayboat originally designed for Jenny Bennett as part of my book, Designer & Client. Small can be built at either 13 or 14 feet. This one is 14′.

Here’s the first Small in a blustery Northwest wind on our local Salt Pond!


LBP: 13′ or 14′

LWL: 12′ – 10.5″ or 13′ – 10.5″

Beam: 5′ – 10.75″

Draft: 0′ – 7″ / 3′ – 0″

Sail Area: 95.5 sq. ft.

Weight: 150# to 175# approximate, depending on construction.

Capacity: 2 adults & 2 smaller children, or 3 adults maximum ideal sailing crew.

Small with larger carbon fiber rig:

More Small on my Design Forum








7 thoughts on “Small

    1. Sorry it’s taken so long to answer.

      At the present time I don’t have any stock plans available. I can no longer support my old CAD-based designs and am starting to hand-draw a few of these designs – including Small. The new plans will not include full-sized patterns and will need to be lofted.

      I don’t know when new plans will be ready.

      Thank you for your interest,


  1. a lovely boat – sweet plumb bow, clean & strong. I’d love to see one close up but don’t know where or if that’s possible (I’m in the NYC area)? The Perry review mentioned something about a kit but I cannot find another mention of this… I would also be interested in plans. And I’d appreciate hearing what you think about stretching her out a bit, guessing that I have a good foot on Jenny? She looks so perfectly matched to the 14 footer. Thank you –


    1. Peter,

      Thanks for your interest in Small. I’m not in touch with any Small owners just now. One recently sold….

      The kit never came to be.

      I am working on an enlarged version, yet to be named. It will be designed at 15′ and could be built as a 14 footer or a 16″ footer by adjusting the mold spacing.

      This design will be hand-drawn and will require lofting. Construction details will be for traditional lapstrake construction. I expect to have the design ready sometime in March.

      Let me know if this interests you.



  2. Antonio,

    Thank you for the reply. Sorry & and a bit surprised to learn the kit never took off. But if your new design shares any of Small’s lovely, clean new/old aesthetics, I look forward to see what you’re drawing up. My ability to build her is another thing altogether given that I have zero experience & little understanding of what’s even involved skill, material and time-wise in a traditional lapstrake construction… but pretty certain it would require a few major steps up from my current abilities.

    And thanks also for the writings – yours & others – one finds among the various links, all good reads.



  3. Antonio,
    I am just now completing my SMALL having started it as a “gopher/apprentice” to Bill Clements in 2006 in his shop. We completed the lapstrake hull, including painting, and I brought it home to finish out the interior.
    It sat in my garage for the next 9 years. I have many excuses.
    I finally hooked up with the guys at Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury MA and they built floorboards, seats, foredeck, gunwales, and spars. I did the painting and varnishing and built the rudder. I opted for a conventional marconi rig in place of the gunter (though I was really tempted to stick with the gunter), and made some other modifications from the original design: main sheet blocks are in the center of the boom, eliminating the aft traveler; eliminated the knees for the seats and foredeck (I think it will be quite strong enough, but maybe not as distinctive). I have not decided on a boom vang, or cleats fore and aft for dock lines. Also, I read somewhere (in connection with you) that the kick-up rudder can be adjusted “up” or “down” merely by tightening the swivel bolt just the right amount to provide adequate friction. If that works okay, I won’t have to add retaining lines on the rudder.
    I used bronze where possible: blocks from Jim Reineck, rudder hardware from Davey, gooseneck from Pert Lowell. Sails are from Steve Thurston/Quantum Sails in RI.
    The boat really does look very nice and I’m looking forward to sailing it this year. Thanks for a great design and a very pretty boat.
    Keith Myles


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