A Croatian Latiner


Falkusa Croatian Lateener

This is what a Latiner can do!

See how the main and the jib are actually lifting the boat running downwind. Other rigs depress the bow.

I’m also struck by how much this boat looks like boats from Portugal at the other end of the Mediterranean World. More images here.

This is just a quick post to celebrate this incredible image. It says so much about boats and why we love them.

I hope to expand on this soon.

In the meantime, let me invite you to add your own examples, either of wonderful Mediterranean boats in action or images of any boat that really inspires you. Direct any comment to Boats for Difficult Times.

Check out Delfina.

Delfina Sail Plan Sepia






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4 thoughts on “A Croatian Latiner

  1. Boat type is commonly known as “gajeta” – although other boat types did carry lateen sails. It was used as work boat in Adriatic sea – similar type exists on Italian side know as “Gozzo” and actually there are numerous similar boats all over Mediterranean sea . In last couple of years there is some kind of revival of boat type and especially lateen sail.
    Links to some picture galleries:


  2. Thank you Anotnio, Igor and Renato. I was unfamiliar with these small working boats and it is a joy to be exposed to something “new”. I have long admired the lateen rig and I have wondered why it has not seen greater use outside of the Meditteranean.


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