SparHawk 12.14

I designed SparHawk for a couple in Connecticut.

SparHawk‘s design was influenced by the only boat I ever built I hadn’t designed, Ian Oughtred’s MacGregor. SparHawk, a Sailing Canoe, shares the rig and leeboard attached to a lanyard Oughtred uses on his boats. SparHawk is glued lapstrake with a plywood deck.

SparHawk outside of my old shop in Gardiner New York.
A bronze drop-blade rudder and carved Cherry back rest.

SparHawk on the beach
Launching Day


At the WoodenBoat Show in Southwest Harbor.


SparHawk sailing Long Island Sound.


SparHawk alongside my personal boat Harry and Harry’s fine sister, Katrina in Saint Michael’s Maryland.

It was grand enjoying the long weekend together with two fine early clients of mine and their boats.

SparHawk now lives in Rhode Island:


LBP   15′ – 11″

LWL   15′ – 0″

Beam    2′ – 9″

Draft    0′ – 6″

Sail Area:

Main         60 sq. ft.

Mizzen     17 sq. ft.

Total         77 sq. ft.






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