Beach Point 18

Woodwind shown after her stub fin keel was installed. The owner had wanted to experiment with a folding fan centerboard as used in lighter sailing canoes in the 1890’s. It proved problematic and we went back to my original intention for a short fin keel. The boat sits well on her trailer and launches easily. She draws just over two feet.

This design would also make a powerful open or half-decked boat either as a beach cruiser or daysailer.


LBP     18′ – 0″

LWL    17′ – 1 1/4″

Beam    6′ – 0″

Draft     2′ – 0″

Sail Area:

Main         90 sq. ft.

Mizzen     32 sq. ft.

Jib               32 sq. ft.

Total         154 sq. ft.

Sail plan for a proposed 22 foot weekender based on the Beach Point 18:






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